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BPAPI method Customer


Returns information about the customer or customers identified by {id}

Authorization required: Yes

HTTP methods allowed: GET

Syntax: Customer/{id}/  Details   Details 

Returns information about the customer or customers identified by {id}

The parameter {id} is optional. If not given the call will return information about the customer identified by the authorization credentials used.

{id} may be any of
All (literally, like "Customer/All"),
A quasi-SQL expression like "WHERE postal_code = '7014'" (this is experimental from august 2014 and is limited to examining a maximum of 100 customers, BEFORE access-rights are considered)
The optional parameter {extend_rights} may be set to 'True' if the concept of representation is used and all customers for which the representative has rights are desired.
This is applicable for the BPAPI HTML admin-interface when searching for other customers to represent, leaving itunnecessary to "log out" from the represented customer before looking up another customer to represent
For more information about the concept of representation, see Customer/Represent

If {id} can potentially result in more than one customer being returned, the return-data will always be in the form of an array of customers.

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