BPAPI Methods

BPAPI method Device


Returns information about the device or devices identified by {id}

Authorization required: Yes

HTTP methods allowed: GET

Syntax: Device/{id}/  Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details 

Syntax: Device/{id}/{gateway_id}/  Details 

Returns information about the device or devices identified by {id}

{id} may be any of the following types:
All (literally, like "Device/All"), (note that all devices for all gateways will be returned unless {gateway_id} is used to narrow down the search)
TODO: not workinguser_defined_group_name,
bpapi_device_id (using bpapi_device_id is a little bit more efficient than using node_id),
A quasi-SQL expression like "WHERE connection = 'offline'" (this is experimental from august 2014 and is limited to examining a maximum of 100 customers, BEFORE access-rights are considered)
You may also search for multiple {id} values by separating each with comma. The different values may be of different types.

You may also add an optional gateway_id, narrowing down the search to one or more specific gateway.
See Gateway for how to specify gateways (gateway_id does not necessarily have to refer to only one gateway)

Either a single Device is returned, or an array consisting of multiple devices.

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