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BPAPI method Device/Property


Returns Property {name} for the device identified by {id}.

Authorization required: Yes

HTTP methods allowed: GET

Syntax: Device/{id}/Property/{name}/  Details   Details   Details 

Syntax: Device/{id}/Property/{name}/{field}/  Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details   Details 

Returns Property {name} for the device identified by {id}.

Optionally a sub-field of property may be specified as the {field} parameter. This is useful if just some specific information is needed, and especially when a specific properties is needed for many different devices.

{name} may consist of multiple property names separated by comma. {name} may end with a wildcard '%'. This is useful for properties which may be repeated, like notification_recipient_app_xx.

{id} may be any of node_id, user_defined_name, user_defined_group_name and bpapi_device_id
See Device for more information about what kind of id's that can be used

Note that even though it is possible in principle to combine an {id} resulting in more then one device, withmultiple property names separated by comma, it is not recommended as the ordering of the result is not guaranteed to be defined in any way.
Note that this method is somewhat "expensive" in the sense that whole devices are read from the database instead of just the properties requested.

See also -Property/{id}/LastValue-. That call is much more efficient if you already know the property_id of one of the values sincethe API server does not have to read any Device information.
See also Gateway/Property

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