BPAPI Methods

BPAPI method Device/TurnOn


Turns on the devices identified by {id}

Authorization required: Yes

HTTP methods allowed: GET, POST

Syntax: Device/{id}/TurnOn/  Details 

Turns on the devices identified by {id}

Equivalent to Device/AddProperty with parameters switch_mode 1

{id} may be any of node_id, user_defined_name, user_defined_group_name and bpapi_device_id
See Device for more information about what kind of id's that can be used

For confirmation that the command has been executed on the Gateway, use
Device/Property like this: Device/{id}/Property/switch_mode/value
and check that the returned scalar_value has been set to 1 (On).

See also Device/TurnOff, -Gateway/TurnOn- and -Gateway/TurnOff-

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