BPAPI Methods

BPAPI method Gateway/Add


Adds a Gateway to the database.

Authorization required: No

HTTP methods allowed: GET, POST

Syntax: Gateway/Add/{network_id}/{registration_id}/{gateway_type}/  Details 

Adds a Gateway to the database.

A gateway represents a physical device.

For GSM based gateways network_id is the ICCID (SIM-card number), usually starting with ICCID_89.

registration_id is the ID later used by the end-customer in order to identify the gateway when assigning it with Gateway/Assign.

registration_id may also be used as (case insensitive) credentials together with a standard quasi-secret password
In the latter case a customer with registration_id and standard quasi-secret password as credentials will be automaticaly created
and the gateway will be automatically assigned to this customer.
(see Customer/Add for how to then change credentials to ordinary email and password after the automatic assignment has been executed)

registration_id can be any value as long as it is unique, easy and convenient for the end-customer to locate and enter and at the same time relatively difficult to guess.
Also called Value code with value like 'ab1234cd'.

See also Gateway/Assign

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