BPAPI Methods

BPAPI method Notify


Sends notification

Authorization required: Yes

HTTP methods allowed: GET, POST

Syntax: Notify/{text}/  Details   Details 

Syntax: Notify/{text}/{time_filter}/  Details   Details 

Sends notification
Sends notification with text {text} to all notification recipients registered with methods like
Notification/AddApp and
Notification/AddPowel (for testing against Powel, use a valid DeviceProperty like 'temperature_notification_triggered' or with the text '_not' inserted like 'temperature_notification_not_triggered' as {text}

If a notification with identical text has been sent after the point in time indicated by {time_filter} then the notification will be discarded. {time_filter} is optional, with default value of "10min".

Tip: Add / to the end of your query string if the last parameter contains a full stop . or dash - and you want to use HTTP method GET.

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