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BPAPI method Subscription/Register


This is not an ordinary API-method since it returns a "complete" HTML / Javascript application for account-management.

Authorization required: No

HTTP methods allowed: GET

Syntax: Subscription/Register/{service}/  Details 

Syntax: Subscription/Register/{service}/{functionality}/  Details   Details   Details 

Syntax: Subscription/Register/{service}/{functionality}/{registration_id}/  Details 

Syntax: Subscription/Register/{service}/{functionality}/{registration_id}/{device_identification}/  Details 

This is not an ordinary API-method since it returns a "complete" HTML / Javascript application for account-management. Some of the API-functionality covered is Subscription/VerifyRegistrationId, Customer/Add, Customer/AddProperty, Subscription/RegisterPayment, Subscription/RegisterPaymentCallback.
The application in other words supports general password and account management.

For the optional parameter functionality the following comma-separated list of values are recognized:
"all" : Returns all functionality. Useful for testing. May also be presented to the end-user.
"account" : First time registration of email and password, or later change of password (the interface will adopt accordingly).
"name": Change of Customer's name (first_name, last_name) (may be used irrespectively of gateway having been registered or not, registration_id is used as identifier).
"subscription": Status of subscription and payment of subscription.
"lostPassword" : Functionality for helping with lost password. registrationId (valueCode) or e-mail address may be used for identification.
If functionality is not specified then "all" is assumed.
Note that the functionality is specified in the generated HTML-page in the same order as specified within the parameter functionality

The optional parameter registration_id (valueCode) is the customers token for qualification of a free trial period.

The optional parameter device_identification is used to identify from which device the request was made.
It is usually the IMEI number of the customer's smartphone used for registration (Note: As of juli 2014 this information is discarded by BPAPI)

The response will always be in HTML-format (with Javascript). JSON will not be returned (except when the request-syntax is invalid or any of the parameters are invalid)

Workflow for payment of subscriptions: Subscription/Register (with functionality specifying 'subscription') =>
Subscription/VerifyRegistrationId (by Javascript from page generated by Subscription/Register. Will return buy_descriptions describing possible subscriptions) =>
Subscription/RegisterPayment (by Javascript from page generated by Subscription/Register) =>
payment_completion_url (external Payment provider) =>
Subscription/RegisterPaymentCallback (by callback from Payment provider) =>
Subscription/Register (internal transfer from Subscription/RegisterPaymentCallback by BPAPI)

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