BPAPI Methods

BPAPI method Subscription/RepeatPayment


Executes a recurrent payment for the given {gateway_id}.

Authorization required: Yes

HTTP methods allowed: GET

Syntax: Subscription/RepeatPayment/{gateway_id}/  Details 

Executes a recurrent payment for the given {gateway_id}.

Administrative access is required in order to access this method.

Note that this method is "safe" to use in the sense that the payment-process will only be completed when all conditions for renewal of subscription are present (mainly, GatewayProperty.subscription_automatic_renewal_mode must be on and GatewayProperty.subscription_valid_to_date must not be too far into future (the limit as of March 2016 is max 5 days into the future)
{gateway_id} may be any of

See Gateway for more information about what kind of id's that can be used

See Subscription/Register

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