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BPAPI method Subscription/VerifyRegistrationId


Verifies the status of the given registration_id.

Authorization required: No

HTTP methods allowed: GET

Syntax: Subscription/VerifyRegistrationId/{registration_id}/  Details 

Verifies the status of the given registration_id.
Used for lightweight initialization of customer account.

Returns the following fields:
registration_id_status_description: A textual description like "GSM Fixi Plus, registrert" or "GSM Fixi Plus, ikke registrert" or "Ukjent verdikode". Note that text will be translated.

registration_id_status may be one of
"ok": The registration_id is a valid code and has not been used
"ok_already_registered": The registration_id is a valid code but it has already been "used", that is, it is registered to a customer e-mail address already
"invalid": The registration_id does not exist

In the first two cases some additional information is also returned like:

customer_dealer_name (Taken from RelationDealerGateway, alternatively from free-text format CustomerProperty dealer_name)
payment_completion_information: When developer_mode has been set this property will give test credit-card numbers that may be used.
buy_descriptions: A key-value collection with descriptions for subscriptions that the customer can buy.

For every key in buy_descriptions (consisting of a subscriptionType) there is a key-value collection with the following items:
    buy_description: Textual description of what the customer may buy (this will be correct translated)    fee: Fee for subscription, including any taxes.    valid_to_date: The date until which the subscription will be valid after purchase.
(One of the keys of buy_descriptions may be used later against API-call Subscription/RegisterPayment)
(note that more specific customer information is not returned, for that a full login will be needed).

See also Subscription/Register

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