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BPAPI method Translations


Gets translations for the given {client_id} and {language}.

Authorization required: No

HTTP methods allowed: GET, POST

Syntax: Translations/{client_id}/{language}/{keys}/  Details   Details 

Gets translations for the given {client_id} and {language}.

If the language is not recognized then information about 'en-US' is returned (American English).
The parameter keys consists of a comma-separated list of keys that needs to be translated.

Language can be specified in the same manner as the HTTP Header Field Accept-Language, like 'en-US', 'nb-NO', 'da-DK', 'sv-SE' (or just 'en', 'nb', 'da', 'sv').
You may store the preferred language as property "preferred_language" for the customer.
(Customer/AddProperty with property_name "preferred_language")
Note that the returned 'version_id' may be stored locally and later checked with a quick call to Translations/Version. (that is, to to avoid uneccessarily calling Translations when there are no new data on the server.)\

Note that this method call is available with HTTP POST in order to facilitate long lists of keys.

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