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BPAPI method Translations/Version


Gets version id of translations for the given client_id and language.

Authorization required: No

HTTP methods allowed: GET

Syntax: Translations/Version/{client_id}/{language}/  Details   Details 

Gets version id of translations for the given client_id and language.

DEPCREATED, use new AppView concept instead

Note that there is some minutes lag between new translations being added to the database (through Device/AddProperty) and the return value of this method being updated.

If the language is not recognized then information about 'en-US' is returned (American English).
Usually translations are cached by the client.
This call may be used by the client to verify that the locally cached translations at the client side are up to date.
This can be done by the client comparing the result of this call with the last value of 'version_id' returned by Translations.

Note that the version_id returned looks like a date and time but it is sufficient to just store it as a string and do string comparision against the value of 'version_id' returned by Translations
If the version_id does not match then Translations can be called in ordet to update the cache at the client side.

See Translations for more information about how to specify client_id and language.

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