BPAPI Methods

BPAPI method VerifyPassword


Verifies that the {email} and {password} supplied are valid as credentials.

Authorization required: No

HTTP methods allowed: GET, POST

Syntax: VerifyPassword/{email}/{password}/  Details   Details 

Verifies that the {email} and {password} supplied are valid as credentials.

See also VerifyCredentials.
Returns one of the following access_granted values:
LimitedAccessRegistrationIdUsed: Access is given to a few methods like -Customer/AddProperty/Simple-, -Gateway/AddProperty/Simple- and -RegisterPayment- which uses registrationId as a credential-parameter

Returns in addition the following two values:
1) payment_completion_information: If a customer has been identified and developer_mode has been set this property will give test credit-card numbers that may be used (this functionality is useful if VerifyPassword is called in relation to a WebShop/Register)
2) email: This is useful when access_granted is LimitedAccessRegistrationIdUsed, this will be the email to use in order to get access_granted FullAccess. This information is useful when the users forgets that he has registered with email and password and continues to log in with only his registrationId (valueCode)

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