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BPAPI method WebShop/RegisterPayment


Registers initiation of WebShop payment for the given order_id.

Authorization required: Yes

HTTP methods allowed: GET, POST

Syntax: WebShop/RegisterPayment/{order_id}/  Details 

Syntax: WebShop/RegisterPayment/{order_id}/{first_name}/{last_name}/{mobile_phone}/{email}/{address_1}/{address_2}/{postal_code}/{city}/{country}/  Details 

Syntax: WebShop/RegisterPayment/{order_id}/{organization_name}/{organization_number}/{first_name}/{last_name}/{mobile_phone}/{email}/{address_1}/{address_2}/{postal_code}/{city}/{country}/  Details 

Registers initiation of WebShop payment for the given order_id.

Note that the following shipping-details (Customer contact-information) also have to be included as parameters if they are not known already for the customer associated with the credentials used for authorization:
email: Has to be specified if a valuecode is used for authorization (instead of email / password)

The following shipping-details parameters are optional:

Note that if HTTP GET is used then either none or all of the shipping-details fields have to be included.
Returns the following key / value information
transaction_id: Id that may be used for completing the payment (completion as seen from the user's perspective. See also completion_url)
completion_url: URL for completing the payment (completion as seen from the user's perspective. Note that completion and credit-card handling is usually done outside of BPAPI by a third-party)

payment_completion_information: When developer_mode has been set this property will give test credit-card numbers that may be used. (payment_completion_information will most probably not be used as calling this method is usually done after necessary information has been presented to the user. Note that the same property payment_completion_information is also available by VerifyPassword which is called earlier in the payment process.)

After payment has been completed the customer will be "returned" to the registration page (see WebShop/Register). This HTML "page" will then complete the payment process (as seen from BPAPI perspective) by doing a "SALE" operation and inform the user about the result.

See also WebShop/Register

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