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BPAPI method WebShop/RegisterSimple


A simplified version of method WebShop/Register

Authorization required: No

HTTP methods allowed: GET, POST

Syntax: WebShop/RegisterSimple/{item_name_1}/  Details 

Syntax: WebShop/RegisterSimple/{item_name_1}/{item_quantity_1}/  Details 

Syntax: WebShop/RegisterSimple/{item_name_1}/{item_quantity_1}/{item_price_1}/  Details 

Syntax: WebShop/RegisterSimple/{item_name_1}/{item_quantity_1}/{item_name_2}/{item_quantity_2}/  Details 

A simplified version of method WebShop/Register

This method is a simplified version of WebShop/Register. It accepts HTTP GET in addition to POST and is useful for testing.
It accepts a maximum of 2 different items.

See also WebShop/Register

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